Enrollment Requirements

We are happy to have you here in the Bulldog Family! To enroll your student you will need the following documentation.

  • Birth Certificate *

  • Social Security Card (optional)

  • Immunization (Shot) Record

  • Proof of Residence

    1. Driver's License or other photo ID of Parent/Guardian

    2. Current utility bill -- water, gas or electricity showing current address.

    If you have just moved, or your rent and your utilities are included in your rental payment, you may bring a current copy of your lease or rental agreement.

    If you reside with another individual and your name is not included on the lease, rental agreement or utility bill, a notarized letter from the home owner or lessee stating that you reside with them, along with a copy of their current utility bill will be accepted or use the form below.​​

  • Most recent Report Card (Grades 1-12)

  • Official Transcript (Grades 9-12)

  • Proof of Income (Pre-K only)

  • Withdrawal form from previous school, with current withdrawal grades. 

Interdistrict Transfer Information

Venus ISD is *NOT currently accepting transfer requests.

If we are able to open up to transfer students in the future, these requirements will apply.

VISD Open Enrollment Transfer Students with the provision of available space in the grade level requested, the parent/guardian is responsible for providing the following requirements documentation:

  • 90% attendance or higher (Attendance report or report card with attendance reported)

  • Was not placed in DAEP/JJAEP (Discipline report)

Please email PEIMS@Venusisd.net with any verification questions.